My name is Natasha Osborne, and I am a web/app developer based in Colorado. I love trekking in the Rockies, playing video games and various musical instruments. But my current favorite thing to do is learn and build with current and new technologies.

I initially started working with PHP. Since then, I have built with Nodejs, Angular I, Reactjs (including react-native and electron), and Ruby on Rails. I use Digital Ocean, Heroku, and Amazon Web Services to deploy apps & static websites.


Plan To Eat

Coming Soon

Summary: Plan to Eat is site that helps you to organize your recipes and plan your meals, generating shopping lists based on the recipes intented to be made.

Role: Front-end Developer for the iphone app (still in development)

Technologies: react

MyColoFitness App

MyColoFitness Gif MyColofitness Github

Summary: This app tracks your workouts, and allows you to input profiles (carb, protein, fat etc) to help track your macronutrients.

Role: sole developer

Technologies: react, node, postgres, heroku, electron, react-native

OT Study

MyColoFitness Gif OT Study Github

Summary: This app was to be a study tool for master's students of Occupational Therapy in preparation for the NBCOT exam.

Role: sole developer

Technologies: php, mysql



Follow me on Twitter, and check out my GitHub. Locate my LinkedIn profile here. I am currently a contractor at Radial Development Group

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